Jasmine Fuego is an Oakland based singer, educator, and emcee deeply committed to creating and curating art in advocating self love, empowerment, and liberation

A true renaissance woman, Fuego’s raw and inspirational personality shines through her work teaching mindfulness, curating shows, and co-directing her non-profit  Regenerate Change.

You can find Jasmine performing at festivals and conferences across the country, giving motivational talks to high schoolers,or on her annual house concert tour. Her music seamlessly combine genres such as pop, gospel, blues, and soca rhythms to create a unique sound she calls soul-pop.


In short: I’m a bridge builder. 

Being biracial and raised both in California & the American South, I became really good at straddling worlds. I fell in love with performance in my grandmother’s living room; memorizing all of the lyrics and choreography to Michael Jackson music videos.

My passions reside at the intersection of art in service of self healing, social & environmental justice, and education. In 2014, I co-founded the Permaculture Action Network, of which I now sit on the advisory  board.

After spending several years teaching mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL) to youth k-12 in public schools, I’m currently writing a children's television show while facilitating mindfulness in education trainings, performing & speaking at school assemblies, and private consultation for educators/parents.

In 2018, I co-founded Regenerate Change, an organization that connects and trains change makers with regenerative design tools to develop social-impact projects and redesign organizational culture.

I currently live in the East Bay, where I’m recording my 1st full length album and spend my time curating unique performance experiences/ concerts, salsa dancing, and singing with the Thrive Choir.